Student Affairs Department


The Department of Student Affairs enhances students' life inside the college and supports their educational, social, intellectual and personal development in order to prepare them to a thriving profession. It significantly provides a high level of an academic and scientific service, and contributes to the awareness of the students.
Student Affairs team members guide the students throughout their academic lives and help them to solve problems which might hinder their educational journey.

Student Affairs Services
  • Conduct orientation programs to new students and provide them with badges
  • Collaborate with the Academic Affairs Department, ensure lectures run smoothly and students are in their allocated venues. During the exams, the Student Affairs Department is responsible to coordinate and execute the required preparation of students and ensure that the environment is ready for the exams such as; that classrooms are sufficient, devices are functioning, required supplement or any materials are provided.
  • Monitor students' adherence to the regulation of the College and ensure that students are following the college policies regarding different matters (dress code, badges, etc…). Student Affairs works very closely with students, once they are aware of an emergency situation they immediately take the required actions.
  • Monitor students' attendance during lectures and exams and conduct necessary action if a student approaches high rate of absenteeism. Student Affairs Department receives students' absenteeism excuses and takes necessary actions toward it.
  • Provide any documentation that student require such as; reference letters, Medical Report Request, referral to Medical/Dental Consultation, etc…
  • Categorize the students' needs and concerns and refer them to the relevant department.
  • Collaborate with other departments in the college and provide them with required documentation.
  • Assist the Student Club with extracurricular activities and support the implementation of the annual plan activities inside and outside the college including seminars, lectures, concerts and sessions.

Student Affairs Contact        (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 95530    

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