Introduction about academic advising

It’s a role done by academic advisors in the college to orientate students about study bylaws and regulations and support them to succeed academically and overcome academic, social and health difficulties.

Goals of academic advising in the college

  • Provide students with academic information and help explaining study bylaws and regulations.
  • Help students who are academically disadvantaged and encourage and support outstanding students to excel academically.
  • Help student to improve their problem-solving skills in order to be able reelect on their ways of studying and overcome difficulties in their studying path.
  • Encourage students to be active members in their colleges and encourage their involvements in student’s extracurricular activities.

Who is the academic advisor?

A faculty member assigned to advise number of students during their studying at college.

Roles of academic advisor

  • Keep log for each student assign to him/her.
  • Orientate students to university bylaws and regulations.
  • Answer students’ questions or refer them to the right person to answer their inquiries.
  • Encourage students to discover their full potential and introduce them to extracurricular activities which will result in academic advancement and activation of self-learning procedures.
  • Arrange students group meetings to exchange advices and experiences in addition to moral support.
  • Facilitate the process of receiving students’ feedback and suggestions to college administration while making sure to provide an active solutions to them.
  • Keeping the confidentiality of student information and making sure not to share them with another faculty or using them in another purpose other than advising the student.

The role of student in the academic advising process

  • Knowing the academic advisor.
  • Regularly attending the gatherings of academic advising.
  • Carefully knowing the requirements of the course with a regular check out of academic calendar and exams dates and all related bylaws.

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