Rules And Regulations

Student Number and Badge

A student number is assigned to each student which will identify him/her in the Student Information System and is used in all academic transactions within the University.

For Example, 41-1-1-1-001; the first two digits (from left) are assigned for the first part of the Academic Year of admission in the Hijri calendar. For example, admission of the Academic year 1440-1441 will have a number that starts with 41. The third digit is assigned for the stream. The fourth digit is assigned for gender. The fifth digit is assigned for the campus; “01” For the College of Science and Health Profession—Riyadh it is "01“. The last four digits are assigned for the serial number starting from 0001 at the beginning of the academic year. Students are hereby directed to wear their respective badges in all cases while inside the KSAU—HS premises. Its carries the most important information needed for your day to day activities and serves as your primary and vital identification throughout the entire University.

Uniforms and Grooming

All students are required to wear the assigned uniform and their badges should be clearly visible at all times while attending their classes and in all other official exercises within KSAU-HS, NGHA-KAMC and its premises.

All male students are required to have a proper haircut, with a hair length at the back that is not touching the collar of the lab coat while the front hair length should not go beyond the eyebrows, hence making the forehead visible.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning.
2nd Offense: Written Warning.
3rd Offense: Will be marked absent for the whole day*.
(*not applicable during Midterm / Final examinations, PBL and OSPE / OSCE).

Note: If a certain student did not comply even after the 3rd Offense, he will be marked absent again for one whole day (on the date of inspection) until such actions have been resolved or compliance is achieved.


  • Notification will be sent to the student if he/she was absent without an excuse, he/she will receive the percentage of absentees through KSAU-HS e-mail every week
  • The student will be denied permission to sit for a Final Examination on a particular course or block if he/she exceeded the rate of 25%.
  • During Class:
    • The student will automatically be marked as absent after Instructor or Student Affairs Staff take the attendance.
      • The lecturer and/ or instructor reserves the right to allow or to deny a student entry in to the classrooms, but the student will still be marked absent, in either case.
      • If a lecturer and/or instructor are late for a class, the student must not leave the class without permission from the Student Affairs (SA) Office.

Absenteeism Justification Report
Absences due to illnesses and/ or other personal crisis will be exempted and considered upon submission of a detailed medical report and/ or other related documents to the Office of Student Affairs within five (5) academic days upon return.
  • Student Sick Leave
    • The sick leave note must preferably be obtained from KAMC or any government hospital with stated leave of maximum three (3) days.
    • If a leave exceeds three (3) days because of major incident and/ or surgery it will pass through the Office of the Assistant/Associate Dean for review and recommendation.
  • Sick leave from private clinics will not be accepted.
  • Death Certificate
    • In case of death of a first degree relative (father, mother, sister or brother) a student will be given a leave of maximum three (3) days.
  • Vehicular Accident
    • Personal letter accompanied by a Police Report.
  • Other Incident
    • Will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs for proper dispositions.

    Excuses during final examinations/ OSPE / PBL, or grade related activity will be forwarded to the Associate dean’s office for review and recommendations.

  • Attendance taking and recording
    • Restrictions of leaving and entering the examination venues: In Written Examinations the Student is not allowed to leave examination room in the first half of examination period. Students will not be allowed to enter an examination after the end of the first half and will not be allowed to attend the exam in the second half of examination period.
    • During OSPE & OSCE exams students are allowed to enter and/ or leave the room when the examination starts. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to take the examination.
    • Only the block coordinator; for written examination, OSPE and OSCE has the authority to decide on whether to allow a student to leave and/ or enter an examination in such cases.
    • Rescheduling of classes is not allowed without the proper approval from the Office of the Academic Affairs.
  • Attendance Policy For Consecutive Absences
    • Students, who incurred a three (3) consecutive weeks of absences, will have their, case forwarded to the Office of the Associate Dean for review and recommendation. In such case the student might fail the program and stipend benefits may be stopped.

Email Accounts

Each student will be assigned an email account.
Student Affairs will use e-mails as an official means of communicating with students.
Students should check their e-mails at least once daily.

Locker Rooms
  • Individual lockers will be provided for free to the selected batches for use throughout the Academic Year.
  • Students should fill an application form at the Office of Student Affairs for approval and issuance.
  • Students will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of their respective lockers.
  • Students are expected to follow the by-laws of the KSAU—HS in this regard.
  • Students must return the keys if:
    • They submitted clearance form.
    • They graduated from COSHP.

No Smoking Policy
  • As Per the No Smoking Policy, smoking is not allowed within the boundaries of the University campus at any time, by anyone – student, employees, and visitors under any circumstances.
  • The basis of the ban is that smoking constitutes a fire hazard and a proven risk to the health of students and employees; hence, it does not create a healthy environment for the students and staff.
  • Any student caught smoking will be put on a registry of smokers and a will be subjected to a disciplinary program in accordance to the instituted policy and procedure:
    • Verbal Warning.
    • Written Warning & Counseling.
    • Refer to the Associate/ Assistant Dean’s Office for review and recommendation.

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