End of the Academic Year Ceremony
6 June 2022
End of the Academic Year Ceremony was held in the College of Science & Health Profession on the 6th of June 2022 . the ceremony included visual presentation to show the college achievements and history , and a distribution of certificates under the following criteria : Certificate of Employee excellence ,Certificate of faculty excellence, Certificate of Appreciation for retirement & resign , and Certificate of excellence for winning grant.
Booster Dose
4 January 2022
Dear all, starting from 01/02/2022, receiving the booster dose is a condition for the continuation of the appearance of (immunized) in the Tawakalna application. Therefore, only those who appear to have a condition of (immunized) in the Tawakalna application are allowed to enter University campus and facility.
COSHP Best Teacher Award
29 August 2021
It’s our pleaser to announce the winners of the COSHP best teacher award for the academic year 2020/2021 voted for by the students. It was a very close call but the winning votes are : from the COSHP female is Dr. Durreshewar Rehman , and from the COSHP male is Prof. Ghassan Shattat . Congratulations to both , and would like to also thank all the faculty & staff for their dedication in delivering the academic goals to students.
End of the Academic Year 2020-2021
6 May 2021
Dear Students, As we come to the end of the academic year 2020-2021, we would like to take this time to thank you for your awareness, responsibility and cooperation in applying the social distancing and safety procedures necessary during the corona pandemic. During this year, we have also continued and improved online learning/ education, which requires high dedication from you our students- and this desire to gain education and knowledge is very much appreciated. Finally, for those students leaving COSHP, we wish you good luck in your next college and hope your journey with us was fruitful.
COSHP Teacher Award: Voting now open
7 April 2021
Dear Students, Please click the link below to vote for the teacher that had the greatest impact on you. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to fill. Survey link = Stay safe and well.
University Procedures Regarding the Final Exams Date
7 April 2021
Dear students you will find in the attached picture and in the Black Board the university procedures regarding the changes in the final exams date. Wishing you all best of luck and success .
The start of semester is now here
24 August 2020
Dear students, I would like to welcome our new students to COSHP, and to our current students, I would like to say welcome back. Hope you had a safe & fruitful summer vacation. The start of semester is now here, get ready to begin a new and interesting journey together with all the safety precautions from COVID - 19 (face mask, gloves, and social distancing) to achieve a successful academic year . Good luck to all, And as always, we are here to support you our future heroes
Support Team Coshp in The Science Olympics
1 March 2020
see you all on the 5th of March in the Convention Center to support our team COSHP in the Science Olympics. They made it to the final round against College of Medicine .There will be discussion sessions from 12:00 - 01:00 , food trucks from 01:00 - 02:00 , and the finals will start from 02:00 - 03:30
Science Olympics
18 February 2020
On The 12th of February, The College of Science and Health Profession won against the College of Nursing in the Science Olympics between KSAU-HS Colleges . Hopefully COSHP can win again against The College of Applied Sciences next Wednesday 19th February from 12:00 p.m. to 01:00 p.m. So, don’t forget to vote and support COSHP team. Also, you can follow on twitter for latest updates and voting.
Decision Making & Problem Solving
4 February 2020
Dear Students ,, Dr.Reema Alswael – Associate Dean of Academic Affairs ,will present “Decision Making & Problem Solving ” workshop, Wednesday 05/02/2020 from 01:00 to 02:00 , in College of Public Health and Health Informatics , Ground Floor - Classrooms 330.
Lunch Gathering to Celebrate The End of The 1st Academic Semester
30 December 2019
The English Department in COSHP-female held a lunch gathering on the 30th of December to celebrate the end of the first academic semester. Dr. Manal Al-Makoshi, Deputy Chairperson of the English Department, thanked the female English department faculty & staff for all their efforts and determination to help support the achievements and language education of our students.
KSAU-HS Hackathon
19 December 2019
King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences will held The Science Olympiad on the 1st of March to the 3rd of March 2020 . Where students can participate in a scientific competition and health innovation KSAU-HS Hackathon . This Hackathon is aiming to spread the culture of innovation and creativity among students in the field of Health and Technology, by providing their pioneer ideas to improve providing health services . Kindly note that the deadline for submission for the scientific competition is on December 26. Dear students , for registration and more information, kindly check the below link :
COSHP Championship for (E Games)
29 October 2019
COSHP male students club is organizing COSHP Championship for (E Games) on the 31st of October, from 01:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. in COSHP male building (N-B001) . Good Luck ….
“Productivity & Success” workshop
28 October 2019
Dr. Manal AL-Makoshi, the Deputy Chairperson of the English Department will present “Productivity & Success” workshop, on Tuesday the 29th of October, from 01:00 to 02:00, in College of Public Health, ground floor, class room number (330).
Saudi Stem Cell Donor Registry Center
28 October 2019
Dr. Dunia Jawdat, the Director of Saudi Stem Cell Donor Registry Center & the Deputy Chairperson of Basic Science Department in COSHP, has signed an agreement between King Abdullah International Medical Research Center and King Faisal Medical Complex in AL-Taif city . The agreement was to establish a Stem Cell Registry Center for donors who are willing to join and to raise awareness of the importance of donation and how it could save a life .
supplementary class for English 101 – writing
23 October 2019
COSHP male students club is organizing a supplementary class for English 101 – writing , on the 24th of October , from 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm , in COSHP – male building (N-B001) , this will only be for COSHP male students . Regarding female students, The Academic Support Center for Students in COSHP female ,building C , 2nd floor , is available daily from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (for drop-in) or through appointment.
Inspiring Minds
15 October 2019
COSHP Students Club is organizing a workshop which will be presented by Dr. Hani Aljohani under the title (Inspiring Minds) . The workshop for male students will take place in COSHP – Male (South Large Auditorium) , on the 16th of October, from 01:00pm - 02:00pm .
Exam Orientation
14 October 2019
COSHP-RM Students Affair Department will be presenting “Exam Orientation” on the 14th ,15th , and 16th of October at 02:00 . It will be held in COSHP – Male, (N-L- Auditorium) for male students. Regarding female students, the Exam Orientation will be conducted in each Oral English class. The aim of this orientation is to provide students with the needed information to fill in their Exam Computer Sheet and to avoid any confusion during the exam.
“NOTE TAKING” workshop
30 September 2019
Dear Students ,, Dr.Reema Alswael – Associate Dean of Academic Affairs ,will present “NOTE TAKING” workshop, Monday 30/09/2019 from 01:00 to 02:00 , in College of Public Health and Health Informatics , Ground Floor - Classrooms 330
English Department- Academic Support Center
12 September 2019
The COSHP Academic Support Center – female, provides services to help students meet their academic goals during their studies in the English Department. Students can drop-in from Sunday to Thursday, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm For appointments at other times, contact: COSHP - Ms. Aljohara AlMusharraf at CON – Ms. Haifa Albalawi at Locations: COSHP English Department, bld. C, 2nd floor | CON English Department, Conference room
Blackboard introductory workshop
10 September 2019
Dear Students ,, Blackboard introductory workshop will be presented by Ms. Shaden AL-Kholaifi – Programmer Analyst, on : (1) Thursday, September 12 in COSHP-C Lecture Hall 011, from 12:00 -1:00 (2) Monday, September 16 in COSHP- B Large Auditorium, from 12:00 – 1:00
Faculty Orientation Day
1 September 2019
College of Science & Health Professions held an Orientation Day for all their faculty before the beginning of the new academic year 2019-2020. The purpose of holding a Faculty Orientation Day is to provide faculty with an overview of the policies, procedures, resources, and services available which were presented by various members of the faculty and administration. The necessity for faculty to have the knowledge to all this information will be needed and useful all academic year long, that will reflect positively on the students performance.
certificate of appreciation to Dr. Reema Alswael
16 April 2019
The Deanship of Students Affairs handed certificate of appreciation to Dr. Reema Alswael –Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in COSHP- female Department for her efforts and contribution in presenting workshops during the academic year 2018-2019 to the students as a part of the Learning Skills Program .
workshop under the title of " Industry of Success "
21 March 2019
Ms.Rania Alshamekh will present two workshops under the title of " Industry of Success " in COSHP female Campus. The first workshop will take place on the 26th of March in building "C" lecture hall 1, from 01:00 to 02:00 . The second workshop will be on the 27th of March , in building "B" large auditorium, from 08:30 to 10:00
workshop under the title of “ KAIZEN”
18 March 2019
A workshop under the title of “ KAIZEN” will be presented by Ms. Nowier AL-Anizi in the Female campus on the 20th of March , from 11:00 to 01:00 , at building B (BM001) . The workshop will discusses the way to do a good improvements in your life and have the motivation to precede with the changes.
Raise Awareness of Environmental Issues
18 November 2018
COSHP female students planted the female campus garden with flowers to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as, plastic pollution, air pollution, and ozone layer depletion. They also wanted to encourage action for the protection of our environment, small changes in our daily life style could preserve the beauty of nature.
Dr. Khawla AL-Kuraya The Guest of “Our Youth”
15 November 2018
COSHP Students Club held a meeting under the name of “Our Youth” ,where they invite guests who are successful figures in our society to pass their experiences. The COSHP Students Club guest on the 15th of November was Dr. Khawla AL-Kuraya , the Director of the Research Centre at KFNCCC, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research. Dr. Khawla AL-Kuraya highlighted some of the success & obstacles she faced during her studies & scientific research journey to share her experience and point of view, also to give the students the opportunity to present their questions to her.
COSHP- Females Participation in the Saudi National Day University celebration
26 September 2018
COSHP- Females participated in the Saudi National Day University celebration that was held in the College of Nursing . Many departments cooperated to organize COSHP corner , under the leadership of the Associate Dean Dr. Sameera AL-Johani & the Assisstent Dean Dr.Reema AL-Sweal . the departments were presented by Public Relations Specialist Ms. Ashwaq AL-Badawi from the University Relations & Media Department , Dr. Dunia Jawdat & Ms.Hatoon AL-Dharrab from the Basic Science Department , Dr.Manal from the English Department , Ms. Maha AL-Anaizi from COSHP Security Department , and Ms. Mai AL-Otaibi and Ms.Norah AL-Qahtani from the Administrative Department .
" Note Taking " workshop will be presented by Dr.Reema AL-Swael
25 September 2018
a workshop titled " Note Taking " will be presented by Dr.Reema AL-Swael for female students on the 25th of September in COSHP-Female campus (LH 012 C) , from 12:00 to 01:00
“Academic Excellence Skills” workshop
18 April 2018
Ms. Rania Alshamekh presented the “Academic Excellence Skills” workshop on Thursday, 19th of April at 12:00, in building (B) large auditorium - female campus. The workshop, which was presented in Arabic, discussed different patterns that students should use, such as, auditory and visual, to increase their abilities in focusing during exams.
“Emotional intelligence” workshop for Female students
11 April 2018
Dr.Alaa AL-Beayeyz presented “Emotional intelligence” workshop for female students , faculty & staff , which took place on the 10th of April from 12:00 to 1:00, in COSHP female building B Auditorium. And a Certificate of Attendance was distributed at the end of the workshop.
congratulations to Dr. Dunia Jawdat ,Deputy Chairperson, Basic Sciences Department
12 February 2018
The Associate Dean , College of Science & Health Professions and all the Staff and Faculty of COSHP – Female Branch would like to congratulate Dr. Dunia Jawdat for her appointment as Deputy Chairperson, Basic Sciences Department, Female Branch, College of Sciences and Health Professions-Riyadh
COSHP student club participation in the sixth cultural program
11 February 2018
The sixth Cultural Program took place on the 6th to the 8th of February in the Convention Center, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. Each year the program discuss a different subject, such as, scientific subject or cultural subject. For this year all the student clubs in the university have participated in the sixth program exhibition to present a scientific subject in an Innovative way. COSHP student club participated in the program by presenting in their booth, the Cinema sciences , the directing evolution and the future of movie industry. And the members of COSHP student club are : Mohammed Abdullah Al-Driweesh obeid mohammed alkethami Eyad Ali Alshehri Saud Mohammed Alwatban Eyad Khalid Althaqeb Faisal Nasser Aljuraisi Abdullah suliman almaneea Fahad Khalid binrobiq Abdullah Saleh Alamri Seba Khaled Alobathani Ghadah mohammad alquwaiee Amirah Saleem Yaqoub Nouf Saleem Yaqoub Abdulrahman Othman Alomar Ziyad walid Khalil Sultan Ahmed Alshehri Ziyad Abdullah Algoweinem Edi Adel Shafaay Haifa Ali Alhabdan
Congratulations to Dr.Manal AL-Makoshi ,The Deputy Chairperson, English Language Department .
1 January 2018
The Associate Dean , College of Science & Health professions , and all the Staff and Faculty of COSHP – Female Branch , congratulates Dr. Manal AL-Makoshi for her Appointment as The Deputy Chairperson, English Language Department ,and wishing her the best of luck in her new role.
Celebrating the New Academic Year 2017/2018
14 September 2017
Dr. Sameera Al-Johani, Associate Dean, College Of Science and Health Professions, held a reception for the college faculty & staff to welcome them back and to celebrate the beginning of the new Academic year 2017/2018, also, to thank them for their collaboration and dedication in delivering their educational message and wishing a great year for everyone.
“Self-Worth” Workshop
9 May 2017
A “Self-Worth” workshop was held in COSHP – Female campus for their faculty & staff, on the 4th of May 2017. Which was organized by the Public Relations Specialist Ashwaq AL-Badawi and presented by Ms. Mashael Aloqiel - Life Coach. “Self-Worth” workshop discussed a number of topics, such as, what “Self-Worth” is, what are the causes and factors that led to a lack of “Self-Worth”, and How to raise it within the individual. At the end of the workshop, Dr. Sameera AL-Johani, Associate Dean - College of Science and Health Professions, thanked Ms. Mashael Aloqiel for presenting the workshop and the staff & faculty for their attendance, hoping the subject was interesting and efficient.
Female Students Trained on Security and Safety Procedures
30 November 2015
College of Science and Health Professions in collaboration with Fire Department trained the female students on security and safety procedures, which included : Fire prevention, Elements & classes of fire, Fire & life safety, procedures “code red“, Types of fire extinguishers, Fire extinguishers procedure, Evacuation techniques. The fire fighters coach Mr. Ayed Al-Ajmi from the Fire Department explained security and fire prevention procedures and how to put them out to students, who were divided into groups to make sure they all get trained, and evacuation procedures in an emergency ,for 10 days started from the November 22nd until December 3rd . The students also were presented to a number of educational films showing how to act when an emergency occurs, then the second step will be training them practically on evacuation and how to use fire extinguishers.
Family Safety Day
26 November 2015
College of Science and Health Professions students’ participated in the activities of “Family Safety Day “ where they been also presented to this symposium message & goal. The “Family Safety Day “was hosted on Wednesday, the 18th of November 2015 , by His Royal Highness, Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Minister of National Guards under the slogan "Your family is Your Safety ", and organized by the Ministry of National Guards with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, and the Human Rights Commission. This symposium was held to emphasize the importance of the family’s role in the renunciation of violence and terrorism, and the promotion of peace and tranquility within families, being the building block upon which communities are built for future generations. The first day of the sympo

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