Library Introduction

The College of Science and Health Professions Library is a dynamic environment that supports its mission and vision and there of the University, as well as the research and educational efforts of the student and faculty of the college of the University. The Library provides reliable access to scientific content in print and electronic formats. It also updates its collection regularly and provides appropriate new titles to support the curriculum.

The College of Science and Health Professions, Library contains 4870 volumes, displayed on shelves using the major headings of the National Library of Medicine classification scheme. In addition the Library maintains a collection of CDs and DVDs housed in the Course Reserve. It also provides unlimited access to the particular health sciences literature databases and online resources.

The College of Science and Health Professions, Library is a portal for trusted information that continues to evolve as we implement more interactive services. Library staff preserve and make print library collections accessible alongside traditional library services. New efforts are under way to improve e-access and archival support.

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