Computer Use

Responsible Use of Computing Systems

This policy applies to everyone who enters the Library.
The Library provides computing services and resources for the COSHP, KSAU-HS community with a special emphasis on faculty, staff and students. The services are provided to support the University's educational, research and patient care missions. It is the responsibility of each individual faculty, staff and student to ensure that these services are used in a responsible manner and in the spirit of the mission of the institution. It is also the responsibility of each individual to act in accordance with University and national policies and guidelines concerning obscene materials and use of computer games. In summary, it is against national and University policy to facilitate use of obscene or lewd materials as well as use of computerized games. In accordance with its mission, the Library will respond to individual situations as needed and according to policy.

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences has developed clear guidelines and policies for responsible computer use at the University. The Library will enforce all policies in a responsible fashion that include informing any individual of inappropriate use. Any willful and continued misuse of computer services will be considered a violation of University policies and will be handled according to the University's bylaws.

Software Policy
  • If a user requires special software to be used, a request must be submitted to the Medical Librarian or IT for consideration. Failure to fulfill this obligation will compromise the Library’s ability to provide support.
  • Any software to be loaded must be loaded by Library computer support staff, i.e. IT. It is required that the software be made available to the Library computer support staff at least 1 week in advance of need.
  • The Library and IT Services reserves the right to refuse to load any software if, in the judgment of library staff, loading such software would jeopardize the existing software owned by the Library. Copying software is a violation of the copyright law and strictly prohibited. Any individual found to be pirating software will be denied use of Library computing facilities.
  • Every effort will be made to provide software training if requested by users. All such requests must be submitted to the Medical Librarian who will consult with ITS for instructors. Support is only available during the regular work hours.
Access in the Library

Library users who bring a wireless-enabled laptop into the Library will be able to access the resources and services of the Library via his/her installed Web browser.

Acceptable Use

Computer workstations and computer networks in the public areas of the library are primarily for the use of University faculty, staff, and students. Computers and computer network facilities are provided to support the education, research and service mission of the campus and its schools

Users should have a KSAU-HS user account to access the wireless network, which is provided to all faculty, staff and students.


During peak times, computers should be reserved, on a first come, first serve basis through the Circulation Desk. Computer reservations can be made for a maximum of one hour at a time.

If you require more time, you should request the next available slot, request permission to extend you time with the next person or exchange time slots with the next person, whichever is more convenient. All such changes must be approved by Library staff. Changes will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Policy exemption or modification requests will be referred to the Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy for consideration.

Visitors may use workstations when available for academic, research, and consumer health purposes. Preference for computer use will be given to members of the University.

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