Advising Students

Committee's Members
Statement of Purpose

Undergraduates who are newly admitted annually to the University Pre-Professional Program (UPPP) have been noticed to have a relatively high attrition rate. The most identified causes for this are academic challenges, adaptation to the new environment, and the transitional phase in addition to the new dismissal policy. A flagging and advisory system has been developed to help identifying Academically Disadvantaged Students (ADS) as early as possible, providing academic support and guidance, and consequently, reducing the number of overall dismissals.

General Guidelines

The following procedures have been developed to support students in the UPPP program:

  • All newly admitted students are required to complete an English Proficiency Test (EPT) prior to the start of the academic year (Fall semester).
  • All newly admitted students are advised to attend a summer academic induction.
  • The student affairs should provide the College Student Advisory Committee with the students' results in EPT and academic courses.
  • UPP students who are flagged as academically disadvantaged students (ADS) should be assigned an academic advisor.
  • UPP students who are flagged as ADS should be offered academic support and counselling, such as individual tutorials, remedial classes and/or online support.
  • All academic faculty members are required to act as academic advisors to ADS students.
  • Methods and measures should be developed to evaluate the usefulness of the advisory support offered to the students.
  • The Student Advisory Committee should review the presented advisory reports from subcommittees on a monthly/bi-yearly basis.

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