Guest Of The Month

“COSHP Guest of the Month“ is the place where we will interview a monthly guest from college of Science and Health Profession faculty & staff to have the chance to know them better. Here we will share their vision & view for COSHP, learn more about their personality, and background.

Dear Dr. Manal AL-Makoshi, thank you for giving us this opportunity to be the guest of January.

  • Introduce yourself:

    My name is Manal Al Makoshi, the Deputy Chair of the English Department. I’ve been a member of this University since 2002 (before it was officially founded in 2005). I started out as a Teaching Assistant and am now an Assistant Professor. It has been an incredible journey and I look forward to what the future brings.

  • What was your greatest success and/or greatest failure?

    I have had successes and failures. There is no one that stands out more than the other. Rather, their true value are the lessons I learnt from each. One of the best things about failure is that we are given an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Failure is not a bad word. It means you tried. It means you took a risk. It means you were willing to learn and grow. And with time, we eventually reach success. It is a constant cycle. With success, we must always be aware that none of us attained success without the support and contribution of others (both big and small). Each day, I am grateful for what I have and have faith that my path unfolds as it is meant to.

  • How do you deal with criticism?

    There are few people in the world who like criticism, and I am no different. But this does not mean that I don’t seek it or appreciate it when it’s given. There is a great difference between criticism given as an insult and that which is given in good faith constructively. With the first, this reflects on the speaker. The second, I believe, is generally given with good intentions. How else will I develop and improve myself unless I receive feedback on my performance? Some of the best lessons learnt in my life were from constructive criticisms given by friends and colleagues. Some were given gently and others quite harshly. Their impact still resonates and I am forever grateful for how they, and others, have helped shape who I am today.

  • What is your favorite quote, novel, or poem?

    My favorite poem is ‘Colors’ by Whitni Thomas. I love it because I am a Third Culture Kid (TCKs- look up the term if you’re interested in learning more about this).

  • Are you good at saying "No?


  • Why did you choose your Major?

    I find language fascinating. Applied linguists, my chosen field, is an interdisciplinary field which connects the theory of language with the practice of language learning. Essentially, that means it looks at how language is used and what role it plays in the lives of people and in society. For example, researching the best resources, training, practice, and interaction techniques to help solve the difficulties of teaching (and learning) a second language.

  • Your advice to COSHP students:

    We know that the constant classes, quizzes, homework and exams must seem like torture but trust me you’ll survive. More than that, you’ll come out of the other side a wiser and stronger person. Nelson Mandela said it best: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

  • Your message to COSHP faculty & staff:

    Thank you for the work you do that you think no one sees.

    The hours you spend hunched over the computer creating just one worksheet, the papers you take home to grade, the weekends you spend planning your lessons and searching for innovative ways to help your students learn.

    The coming in early and staying late to make sure that the faculty have what they need for their classes. Coming in to work even when you have sick leave because you know there are people depending on you.

    We see and we appreciate. You are all valued members of COSHP. Thank you for what you do to help our next generations grow and flourish.

Interviewer: Ms. Ashwaq Albadawi
Public Relation Specialist, COSHP-R-F.

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