Guest Of The Month

“COSHP Guest of the Month“ is the place where we will interview a monthly guest from College of Science and Health Profession faculty & staff to have the chance to know them better. Here we will share their vision & view for COSHP, learn more about their personality, and background.

Dear Dr. Sajjadlah Alhawsawi, thank you for giving us this opportunity to be the guest of November.

  • Introduce yourself:

    I am assistant professor of Education, with background in teaching English as second language and sociology of education. I graduate from the school of education and social work in the UK with a PhD. Did two master degrees: one in teaching English for speakers of other languages (TESOL) and the other one in research methods of social sciences. I taught English language and education in the public schools, private training institutes and higher education institutions. I have been teaching since 1999.

  • Why did you choose your Major?

    I chose this major because I have always been interested in learning and teaching and how people communicate. I found learning about other languages enriching to my process of thinking and allows me access to the others. Currently, I can speak and understand three other languages in addition to Arabic.

  • What inspires you?

    My dad was a math teacher and inspired me a lot. I learnt from him that teaching others and helping them provides access to knowledge; and that can be very much rewarding.

  • If you retired tomorrow and wanted to start a wildly different second career, what would you do?

    I like cooking and sailing and I would like to pursue that when I am retired.

  • Your advice to COSHP students:

    I would say to them to work hard to identify their dreams and pursue them wherever they are. I would say to them that not to worry so much about failure as most of the successful individuals have experience many failures that have learnt from and eventually turn their failures into great success.

  • Your message to COSHP faculty & staff:

    Never give up on the development of self and the place in which you work in. always strive for the best and be diligent and desire changes shall be achieved at some point.

Interviewer: Ms. Ashwaq Albadawi
Public Relation Specialist, COSHP-R-F.

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