Guest Of The Month

“COSHP Guest of the Month” is the place where we will interview a monthly guest from the College of Science and Health Profession faculty & staff to have the chance to know them better. Here we will share their vision & view for COSHP, learn more about their personality, and background.

Dear Dr. Reema AL-Swael, thank you for giving us this opportunity to be our guest in the new page “COSHP Guest of the Month“.

  • Introduce yourself:

    Thank you for choosing me as your guest of the month, I am very honored.

    As you know I am Dr. Reema from the English Department and the Academic Affairs- I think the two departments students dislike the most (haha). I have a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and a PhD in Education.

    I like to believe that I am a good teacher, I am very passionate about it and enjoy the classroom and making connections with the students, faculty, and staff. I find it very rewarding to see my students develop and move on to greater things.

    I love to talk too, tell stories and listen to opinions and different points of view. I guess you can tell from this introduction that I am a talker.

  • Why did you choose your Major?

    From a very young age I loved to teach, my greatest moments are when someone has an ‘ah ha’ moment and they get something they were having trouble getting before.

    I also believe that education is a right that everyone deserves. Everyone has a way of learning, and we need to move beyond the traditional style of teaching and get to educating people, opening up their minds, and helping them explore and discover.

    I also find it so satisfying to help others. Yes I could have been a doctor or got into health sciences, but I don’t have the guts for it so bravo to our COSHP students.

  • What inspires you?

    I am inspired by many things, but mostly I am inspired by ‘good’; doing good. The world is very dark and mean and humanity needs good right now.

  • If you retired tomorrow and wanted to start a wildly different second career, what would you do?

    Babysitting!! Start a whole new generation of good, moral, helpful people.

  • Your advice to COSHP students:

    You are on an incredible path, and wherever that path will lead (whether it be Medicine, Dentistry, Pharma, one of the many AMS amazing fields, or Nursing) you are a good person, someone I wish I could be like- selflessly helping others, making a difference in people lives, and easing pain. Remember this is the beginning of your journey so enjoy it and make the best of it, take in all you can, explore and ask as many questions as you can.

  • Your message to COSHP faculty & staff:

    COSHP faculty and Staff are some of the hardest working people I have ever met, but they don’t get much recognition because COSHP is the foundation to all the programs- (by the time students graduate they have forgotten about us), so I want to say THANK YOU. I want to applaud them for a job well done and let them know that a strong foundation is the most important aspect of any success.

Interviewer: Ms. Ashwaq Albadawi
Public Relation Specialist, COSHP-R-F.

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